You are a unique expression of ‘life’.
Your Body:
According to biologists Ron Sender and Ron Milo of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, your body replaces around 330 billion cells per day. At that rate, your body makes over 3.8 million new cells every second.
Your Brain:
Your brain’s storage capacity is considered virtually unlimited. Research suggests the human brain consists of about 86 billion neurons. Each neuron forms connections to other neurons, which could add up to 1 quadrillion (1,000 trillion) connections
Your Mind:
Consider the fact that you cannot pre-meditate the next thought you have. By the time you are aware of a thought, it has already been produced.
Have you ever contemplated the fact that thoughts are perceived? If so, who or what perceives them? Who or what is conscious of your thoughts? When you say ‘I,’ do you refer to that which is conscious of everything, including your thoughts?