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3 hours ago 57 Finance UK Inflation Recession Economy Collapse Europe Finance Deficit Trade Poverty Looks like the UK’s economy is failing and the gov in London is pretending otherwise. Ask average Brits about the real cost of food and other essentials. The new PM, Kier Starmer’s Gov is providing a different picture that has

June 27, 2024Matt Ehret, is a journalist, documentarian and historian. Matt joins me (Mark Anielski host of the Economy of Well-being Podcast) from Montreal to discuss his strategic ideas for advancing a new story-board for an economy of well-being. You might call our conversation ‘A sweeping history of nearly everything.’ Matt is one of the

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🌳Discord community:🌳Subscribe:🌳Twitter:🌳Newsletter:🌳In this video, we explore the critical issue of Malaysia’s brain drain and its impact on the Malaysian economy. Malaysia has long been known for its vibrant economy and growing middle class. However, recent trends show a significant number of skilled workers leaving the country in search of better opportunities

Have your identity monitored 24/7 hassle free! Click Below!—> a 60 Day Risk-Free Trial Act Now and Claim Up To 67% OFF ^More and more studies are coming out proving the climate agenda is fake, they lied again. The unemployment numbers are skewed, the GDP and inflation are manipulated, the economy is not what it

Just the News Verified 438K followers 40 minutes ago 854 News Trending News Byron Donalds RNC education teacher student school choice school parent Moms for Liberty Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) shares the story of how his mom, a single mother of three children, worked hard to get him out of the inner city and send

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🔵 Watch the full episode👉🔴 THE FINAL WAR is a documentary that uncovers the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year plot to defeat America.👉👉 🔴 BEST OFFER EVER: 🔵 Watch more: The banking system in China is beginning to collapse, and as this happens, there’s growing concern it could have a ripple effect—not just in the