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“Dr. ‘Peter McCullough’ Exposes The ‘Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex’ & The ‘World Health Organization’ For What They Are” September. 20, 2023. Medical, Health Emergency, Dr. Peter McCullough, Pandemic Responses, The World Health Organization, WHO Pandemic Treaty, Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex, EU Parliament, Doctors Presentation, Dr. McCulllough, Dr. Peter McCullough delivers Speech to the European Union Parliament on Sept.13, 2023

How do you optimize your oral and dental health for greater brain health and performance? Your mouth is the entrance to your body. It’s where digestion starts, and arguably, is where all body health starts. There is a critical relationship between your mouth, your teeth, your microbiome, and nutrition. And it’s all related to brain

“PUBLIC HEALTH BRAGS ABOUT USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO MANIPULATE YOU” ‘AMAZING POLLY’ September. 20, 2023. PUBLIC HEALTH, BIG PHARMA, BIG TECH, MSM, SOCIAL MEDIA, MANIPULATION, AMAZING POLLY, An expert on the “Intersection of Social Media and Public Health” gave a seminar in 2018 exposing the way she and her colleagues use social media to manipulate

Get your gold here: 866 505 8315 or text BRAND to 998899 TODAY – Why is life expectancy in decline? Is our food-system rigged to keep you sick? And does Big Pharma put profits over your health? In our health special, Dr Paul Saladino on the rising trend of the carnivore diet, Dr Rhonda

Closing out the week with great discussions, featuring Matt and J Gulinello ( in studio. The topics were nicely varied! There is a post about the negative advancements in consumer-grade technology that I think will be very relatable to the audience and will spur some calls. Outside of that, we’ll run by some health-related topics

You were designed to live in the peace of God, in a way that you become empowered by grace to walk powerfully through the storms of life. Peace is meant to anchor us in relationship to God’s love and His continual work in our lives. But it seems that so many of us struggle with

1:10:42 Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Podcast 4 days ago Confronting Adam22 About Gang Activity, C*ckery, and Everyone Leaving No Jumper – Wild Ride #177 180K 65

Digital Health and AI Diagnostics, Nanotechnology for a Healthier (2022) you “awake” or are you AWAKE?Let me know after running through this Thread 💉🧵’ALL ARE STILL CAPABLE OF READING RIGHT??? – HOW MANY TIMES DOES #PFIZER HAVE TO FLAT OUT TELL YOU BEFORE YOU GET IT? Telegram Group: (HELP SHARE) (HELP SHARE)Gettr: (HELP SHARE)

Your country is burning all around you, now EVERYTHING is a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY, it’s time to sit up and pay attention. You are next unless you prepare to get your locality under control. Enrique Tarrio, sentenced to 22 years without even being in DC, NM Gov Grisham suspends FULL 2A for 30 days under