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Australian Senator Gerard Rennick writes: “In estimates I asked AHPRA if they were going to end the culture of fear in the medical profession brought about by their unnecessary oppression of doctors and nurses who had the courage to stand up against the misinformation propagated by the Health bureaucracy.” Original YouTube Video: ………………….. Collection Of

Christine Anderson is a German member of the European Parliament and an advocate for medical freedom. ••「 CALL IN & LINKS: 」•• A member of the Special Committee on the COVID-19 Pandemic, MEP Anderson vocally opposes the WHO’s plan to assume control over public health. She is embarking on the “Make It Your Business”

On October 30th, The Standing Committee on Health held their second meeting to discuss Health Canada’s proposed changes to our natural health product regulations—no doubt as a result of your calls and visits to their offices, and the thousands of postcards and letters filling their desks. The focus of this meeting was for the committee

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