Browsing: Politics | Sarah Stock from Rebel News reports on if Canadians are aware of the 47 church burnings that have ravaged the country, and whether or not they see a double standard in the media and culture when it comes to these anti-Christian attacks.Visit Rebel News for more on this story ► Rebel News:

► | Help us keep uncovering the truth!Sheila Gunn Reid reports on the Trudeau Liberals’ attempts to hide which media companies were the recipients of federal bailouts — except, Rebel News reported that information, obtained through a previous access to information request.Visit Rebel News for more on this story ► News: Telling the other

Enjoyed this video? Join my Locals community for exclusive content at! 4 hours ago 5.48K News | MORE: News CEO Ezra Levant reports from St. Anne’s Anglican Church in Toronto after a massive, four-alarm fire destroyed the place of worship.Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story.► for more great content.We

Enjoyed this video? Join my Locals community for exclusive content at! 6 hours ago 5.13K News | MORE: News reporter Drea Humphrey recaps the emotional events that occurred in the Vancouver Supreme Courthouse this past Friday during the sentencing of child killer, Ibrahim Ali.Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story.►

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► | Never miss when we’re live!On a recent Rebel News livestream, Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid discussed an exchange between Conservative MP Frank Caputo and Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc during a meeting of the public safety and national security committee. LeBlanc refused to answer Caputo’s questions regarding a list of government officials | Subscribe for full access to our premium shows!► | Full episode of The Ezra Levant Show (SUBSCRIBERS ONLY)On Friday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra took a look at a recent story from the CBC about Quebec launching a helpline for politicians who feel they are suffering from harassment. Hundreds of